Origination of financing

We believe that integration and enlargement of companies one becomes the most important feature of today’s Russian market: the competition increases, the relationships between the companies and their clients the undergo development and become more and more complicated. According to this, origination of the financing of the company’s activities becomes as important as the production and the marketing and sales.

Debt and equity financing and their combinations

Banks, investment funds and private investors may serve as the sources of the debt capital. The instruments of debt financing vary from loans, leasing, factoring to banking guarantee and other products depending on the clients’ needs.

Increase in share capital with additional shareholders’ contribution or retained earnings may become sources of additional capital. Normally on the initial stage of the company and until the company becomes bankable the equity (shareholders’ contribution) and the retained earnings serve as the only source of financing.

Combinations of debt and equity are used when application of either method alone is limited.